Duterte hits critics from Luzon: Tira kayo Marawi, Zamboanga, Jolo at tingnan natin

President Rodrigo Duterte doesn't tolerate his critics anymore since he is already fed up especially those in Luzon who thinks the Marawi City siege is a simple problem which can be solved without putting Mindanao under Martial Law.

Image from VOA News and CNN respectively

Duterte in an interview in Cagayan de Oro City emphasized that he lost a lot of his soldiers now and yet people are thinking its a simple problem.

"Just Imagine I lost how many soldiers? And you say that silang mga- 'yung mga oppositors. I lost 58 soldiers yesterday. Add it to the growing numbers already. Tapos ganun lang ka simple tingin nila," said Duterte.

The president added perhaps the people in Luzon are way comfortable and challenged them to stay in Mindanao.

"Maybe sila kasi sa Luzon okay lang sila eh. But ilagay mo 'to dito sa Mindanao? Make him establish a residence here in Marawi and in Zamboanga and Jolo, tingnan natin. Madali lang kasi magdaldal, magpapogi. It's very easy to, you know, criticize," he added.

Duterte assured the public that the military has practically regained control of Marawi except for two buildings where snipers from ISIS-backed terrorist have holed up.

"Mabawi naman. ALam ninyo yan? Meron na except for one or two buildings there. Snipers. Iyan lang ang tatapusin. But ang sundalo, they're there in Marawi na. So untilo now, pati nga bata tinamaan eh. Pero let us not make this a joke na ganito lang kasimple (ang problema)," Duterte concluded.

Source: Politics