Duterte says he wants all terrorist dead

The country has lost a lot of many soldiers and policemen in the operation against he Maute Group in Marawi City led President Rodrigo Duterte to reject peace talks and said he wanted all the terrorist to die, June 4.

“I will not talk to you. Whatever the leaders of the group say, I don’t care. That is why make sure you fight well because I have ordered [the military] to bring the heads of these sons of bitches,” said the President during his speech at Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu province.

Duterte said he gave an order to the troops to shoot the enemy and shoot them dead.

On Sunday, the airstrikes from the terrorist group resumed after a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire for the evacuation of civilians was marred by terrorist sniper fire.

Military jets and helicopters if the government fired back on Maute near the city center around 2 in the afternoon upon the expiry of the ceasefire, according to military officials.

Five teams of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) led the evacuation of the people who went to the war zone to convince about 2000 civilians to come out after13  days of hiding.
“We were able to retrieve 134 children, men, women, elderly and the sick,” Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Assistant Secretary Dickson Hermoso told reporters.

On the other hand, one team was not able to move out after they met a sniper fire at Barangay Banggolo.

An elderly woman was killed by the intermittent sniper fire, scaring off most of the trapped civilians to emerge from hiding.

Source: Inquirer