Duterte see himself to reach 77, not 80: Kalokohan yung umabot ako ng 80

Despite his silence about the real thing behind his bed rest these past few days, President Rodrigo Duterte predicts his years could be numbered.

Image from Inquirer.net

In his speech during the 140th founding anniversary of the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. in Manila, Duterte believes he will only reach 77 years.

"I am 72. Huwag mo akong bolahion magdating ako ng 88. Kalokohan na 'yan. I'd be through when I'll be 77 years old, time to die," said the President

As Duterte will turn 77 in March 2020, he will retire after few months for his six-year term as president on June 30 of the same year.

Rumors about the president's health turned fuming for the past two weeks because of his absences.

Earlier, Rody emphasized he's just staying in his bed whenever he's not in the public eye but that nobody should care about what he's doing.

He also added that people shouldn't be afraid if he dies because as stipulated in the 1987 Constitution, there would be a vacuum in position and VP Leni Robredo will take over his seat.

Source: PhilStarPolitics