Duterte shares real reason why he declared Martial Law

President Rodrigo Duterte said he would not declare martial law if Filipino terrorists were the only ones who seized Marawi City.

Image from PhilStar

In his speech during the 140th Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Charitable Association Inc., Duterte emphasized he was alarmed when foreign fighters entered Marawi City.

"Marawi was attacked by the ISIS together with the terrorists, mostly foreigners yung nasa forefront and they were the Kuwaitis who were, parang puti yan eh,"said Duterte.

Duterte added he was in Moscow during the first day of Marawi siege and he had no choice but to sign martial law and sent electronic copy.

"Nung sinabi sa akin ng mga military kasama ko na the situiation is critical because they were attacking also civilians, I had to sign a declaration dated on that day but I signed it in Moscow- signed in Moscow, Russia. So that was the trth, I was there. But I sent the electronic copy of my declaration forthwith, so napadala ako."

Before knowing about the presence of foreign fighters in Marawi City, Duterte said he tried stopping himself from declaring martial law even after the attacks launched by local terrorists because he did not want to exercise extraordinary powers for a flimsy reason.

Source: PoliticsNBC NewsABS-CBN News