Duterte speaks over big fuss on his health: Ano problema ninyo? Nandiyan naman si Robredo

President Rodrigo Duterte said he couldn't understand why the public is making a big fuss about his health after taking a five-day rest.

Image from Manila Bulletin

In a speech in Butuan City on Saturday, the president emphasized the only problem is successor will be hard to determine because of struggle.

"The only problem iswalang successor because there will be a struggle. Pagka ganon, if there's a vacuum sa leadership, the military will always take over to control, to put things in order and maybe set an election," said Duterte.

Duterte added that would be the time for Robredo to enter in the scene.

"So use your Robredo. Anong problema ninyo? May Bise-President," he said.

Along with this, the President asked the public not to bother with all the speculation on his health because it was "immaterial" in a situation where the succession of power was clear.
He urged the public to stop worrying since there is a success and it is unde institution.

"Kasi ang importante na may success. So may institutional succession, you follow it. So ano ba problema diyan, spekulasyon? Sa mga kababayan ko, wag kayong mag- do not worry too much."
Source: Politics