Duterte warns communist to stop messing with the government

President Rodrigo Duterte warned communist rebels that the government would arrest their leaders on the peace panel if they fight alongside terrorist groups in Mindanao.

During the 119th Anniversary of Philippime Navy held in Davao City, Duterte told the Communist group, the New Peopl's Army to stop fucking with the government as he told the Maoist group that their rebellion would lead to nowhere.

“If there is a breakdown of peace and order here [Mindanao] because of the participation of the communists in this war against the ISIS, kung gusto ninyo tumulong sa kabila magp****han na kayong lahat. But I am warning the leaders whom I have released and who are now talking to the representatives of my government: Do not attempt to come home. I will arrest all of you and throw you to the slammer,” the chief executive said.

Last week the CCP ordered its fightets to step up its attacks against the government over a perception that the military rule Duterte declared in Mindanao was really meant to target the communists.

Duterte added that the group isn't just about their superior firepower is also religipus zealous.

When the president tried to engage in a talk with the communist group, he find it to be insincere.

Duterte placed Mindanao last week after Marawi City was seized by the Maute group who is allegedly tangled with the ISIS.

Source: Philstar