Filipinos will realize 'damage' caused by Duterte, says Trillanes to BBC

Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV seemed confident that Filipinos will soon realize the damage President Rodrigo Duterte has done to the country.

In an interview with BBC on Wednesday, anchor Stephen Sackur confronted the senator regarding his views being out of tune with the general public's opinion towards the President who remains popular despite the allegations tagged to him.

Trillanes on the other hand said he will soon let go of his popularity since sooner kr later the Filipino people will realize the  damage that the President has caused.

"In less than a year, his numbers will went down to 17 percent," said confidently by Trillanes.

Sackur however countered his answer pointing out that western politicians will be very happy receiving 75 percent rating.

"The bulk of the Filipino people are not really aware on the ground. The propaganda machine is very very effective. The bulk of Filipino public are busy with their day to daybliving, they don't really get to know the magnitude of the damage Duterte has done," Trillanes answered.

Sackur has also cited the growing economy of the Philippines which Trillanes has countered.

The senator said the economy continues to boom despite of Duterte owing the remittamces of the millions of OFWs.

Source: Rappler