Read: What would Rizal say to Duterte if he's still alive

Wondering if what Jose Rizal would've said to President Rodrigo Duterte if he is alive up to this time?

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A columnist of Philippine Daily Inquirer discussed the things what the national hero would've said to Duterte if he is alive up this time pointing out that he would be a part of 'Dilawan'.

"He was referencing Rizal’s struggle for civil liberties as an indication that he would be, in today’s reductionist, polarized setting, not a Duterte supporter but an Aquino reformist—that is, a “Yellow,'" said the author named John Nery.

Nery, the author of the article entitled 'What would Rizal say (to Duterte)?' was published in commemoration with the national hero's 156th birthday

He said if Rizal is alive, he would've dismissed Duterte's hostility to the European Union, United Nations, and United States as irrational and against our own interest.

"He not only thought of (non-Spanish) Europe as his “adopted country” and the template to follow for national development; he wrote eloquently of our common humanity. 'All the honorable men of the world are compatriots,' he wrote," said Nery.

On the other hand, according to Nery, Rizal would also have been horrifed by the Marcos years.

He also said, Duterte would've received criticisms on his war on drugs as he likens it to the colocial Spaniards.

"Finally: He would have attacked the President’s kill-mere-suspects policy as very like that of the colonial Spaniards. To them he had a message: 'I wish to show those who deny us patriotism that we know how to die for our duty and our convictions,''' Nery concluded.

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