Justices get worried over possibilities that entire Ph may place under martial law

Supreme Court Justices expressed their worries on the possibility that the entire country might be placed under martial law.

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Associate Justice Mariano Del Castillo during the second day of oral argument on anti- martial law petitions said the places in Mindanao mentioned by Associate Justice Marvic Leonen that remain undisturbed despite the attacks in Marawi.

“Justice Leonen was mentioning several places which to me are peaceful places. Why include all these other provinces to be under martial law also. What we are worried is it might embolden the President to also include Visayas, Luzon and eventually the entire Philippines,” Justice Del Castillo said.

Aside from Del Castillo, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Caprio and Leonen grilled Solicitor Genral Jose Calida on the possibility of Maute group to seize the other parts of the country.

“Yes, they (Maute Group members and supporters) can be arrested. Maute group can come here, they can be arrested but we do not have to declare martial law to arrest them,” Justice Carpio said.

On the other hand, Calida was asked by Justice Leonen if he has experts to back up his claims the intention of Maute groups to establish a caliphate in Mindanao.

Calida argued that one of Maute group’s leader, Isnilon Hapilon, has been declared an Emir of ISIS, an international terrorist group.

He also denied a statement posted on AFP website last May 24 saying that there is no ISIS in the country.

Source: Inquirer.net