Kit Tatad defends Trillanes: BBC's mistake not so much for Trillanes

Former Senator and journalist Francisco 'Kit' Tatad talked about the issue of Senator Antonio Trillanes on his BBC HARDtalk interview in which he emphasized that it was the channel's mistake.

Composite Images from Twitter and ABS-CBN News

Comparing to the past anchors of the show, Tatad said they are better than Sackur because he tried to put Trillanes down.

"Instead of asking Trillanes about President Rodrigo Duterte’s rising authoritarianism, Sackur tried to put Trillanes on the defensive for opposing such authoritarianism. For their part, the senator’s critics were quick to pounce on his failure to answer Sackur’s questions well, while turning a blind eye to the interviewer’s failure to ask the right questions about the country’s real situation. Sackur advanced a number of false or at least unsubstantiated premises, upon which he sought to build a case in favor of DU30, but sadly Trillanes failed to demolish them," said Tatad.

Kit also mentioned that Sackur wasn't oriented about the obedience to the Phillipine law for his failure to realize that his chosen words could only be quoted to the DU30 government rather than to any other group or individual.

The ex-senator used the declaration of martial law to justify his thoughts about it. "Under the Constitution, the President can do this only in case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it. Within 24 hours, the Congress, if not in session, must convene in joint session according to its rules without need of a call, and within 48 hours, the President must report his action to Congress in person or in writing. By a vote of a simple majority of all the members of the two Houses, the Congress can reject the Proclamation, which rejection cannot be set aside by the President."

On the other hand, he also said that Trillanes' mistake is that he wasn't able to use the short allocated time from the show to reveal the cruelties and brutal policies of Duterte.

"It is a pity that Trillanes failed to make use of the free BBC time to make this fact absolutely clear. But a greater pity that BBC’s flagship interview program failed to live up to its name. In this age of the mass media, this failure could inflict a greater injury on our society than the failure of our political leaders," he concluded.


Source: Manila Times