Kris Aquino says ABS-CBN doesn’t want her anymore

Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino expressed her feelings about Television Network Giant, ABS-CBN saying it doesn’t want her anymore.

Using her social media account on Instagram, Aquino posted a bunch of flowers by @thepeninsulatokyo when she together with her kids during their vacation in Japan.

Aquino’s loyal fans can’t help but to flood the comment section of her post which gives a convincing message for her to return to ABS-CBN.

“Please balik ka na sa ABS-CBN, since you left never na akong nagwatch ng morning show nila, ‘yung pinalit sa show mo obvious na me pinipili ng mga guests. Take care and have fun sa Japan and happy bday kay Kuya Josh!” said one of the fans.

On the other hand, @ann22d said she stopped her TFC channel when Kris Aquino left the TV network.

“I was true to my words to not renew my since @krisaquino left. Oh well back to youtube and netflix if @krisaquino comes back to Abs Cbn … no hesitation, I will renew my TFC for now tv strike ako”

Some fans also believe that Kris a loss for the TV network.

“@krisaquino it’s their loss not yours …their ratings went down since you left ABS- CBN” said @vian0663.

Aquino told to her fans why she can’t go back anymore to ABS-CBN. She believed that she is no longer welcome and wanted in the said network.

“@yapdette ayaw na nila sa kin- but it’s cool. There’s always a rainbow,” said Kris in her comments.

Kris was last seen on TV during her travel show in GMA, “Trip Ni Kris”, which got cancelled after the airing of its first episode.

Source: Lionheartv