Lagman comments on Duterte's 1st year as president: He held nation together

One of the staunch critics of President Rodrigo Duterte rated his overall performance on his first year in office positively.

Image from Philstar

Albay Representative Edcel Lagman credited President Duterte for his success in inspiring multitudes of Filipinos who believed the promise that his administration would change, and managed to hold the country together in spite of his 'unpreseidential' ways.

“Despite his unpresidential demeanor, profane language, abusive rhetoric and flawed policy statements, President Rodrigo Duterte, in his own inscrutable way, has held the nation together one year into his incumbency,” he said.

He has also emphasized that Duterte was able to galvanize a ast majority to believe in his campaign promose that change is coming.

On the other hand, Lagman went critical as he dig into detail on the President speicific policies such as his war on drugs, and independent foreign policy.

“The people still await the coming of authentic change,” he said.

Despite the effort of the administration to curb illegal drugs, Lagman said the drug problem still had not been subdued.

“President Duterte undertook that within three months of his assumption to office he would eradicate the drug problem. He failed within the said period and asked for a six-month extension, which has already expired. Yet, the drug menace has not been subdued,” he said.

Lagman further emphasized that Duterte refuses to realize that the drug menace is both a health and poverty issue, not simply a police matter.

Source: InquirerGMA NetworkPhilstar