READ: Mocha Uson calls Trillanes as the roasted senator

The 'Trillanes Craze' isn't over yet as Presidential Communications Operation Office Assistant Secretary for Social Media, Mocha Uson criticized the opposition senator for his recent interview as well as his views during the BBC HARDTalk.

Composite Images from Inquirer and Philstar

Uson who is also a fearless supporter of Duterte administration said Antonio Trillanes is just making noise to smear the president and one who backs up claims without sufficient evidence.

"What you will have is a Senator who seems to continue to make a mockery of himself not in pursuit of justice or for the good of the people but for his personal agenda or vendetta," said Mocha.

The former sexy star emphasized that Trillanes is confused about his views when he agreed that what's happening in Marawi is a national crisis yet claims Martial Law will not cure the problem.

"Trillanes believes in decisive action but questions the President back when he declared Martial law. Let me also point out that while the Senator’s “prescription” is something that must be taken into consideration to prevent another Marawi crisis, I don’t think it applies to what is happening in Marawi right now, because if the threat to the lives of the public is instant then we must also have an immediate solution to protect the people," Mocha added.

She also slammed the senator for stating claims yet his numbers are not accurate.

Mocha on the other hand said the approval rating of President Duterte shows that majority of people support the president but the senator isn't acknowledging that fact.

"Now, let me just leave you something to ponder on; for a Senator who has constantly pursued his personal agenda instead of the interest of the public, do you think he can do better than a 75 percent approval rating? If we let the public rate Senator Trillanes now, do you think he will even reach a 75 percent approval rating?" PCOO Asec concluded.


Source: Philstar