Netizen defends Duterte from criticisms that his trips are costly

After the big fuss of netizens to President Rodrigo Duterte's health status, people are now focused on the issue of his 'costly travels'.

Composite Image from Facebook profile of Tiquia

Anent to this, a netizen named Malo Tiquia defended the president from this fuming issue pointing out that a logic dictates why the expenses on official business increased.

Tiquia said they are following a formula which anchors and justifies his business outside the country.

"Logic dictates that in a formula, N x Php x D is a moving total, where N is the number of countries visited; Php is the cost of travel and D is the number in the delegation. Forex, airline cost, hotel and food are part and parcel of cost. Would have been better if the writer checked who stayed in first class, business class and economy, right? That would have supported her frame," said Tiquia in her post published June 19.

She has also mentioned that among the presidents the Philippines had, only Duterte has visited 15 countries in his first year with a great purpose- which is to build and strengthen the country's foreign relation.

"Across presidencies, from FVR, Erap to GMA, only PRRD visited 15 countries in first year. A record! Unless the said article is framing it as junkets which were not. After these trips, PRRD finally defined his non-aligned foreign policy. That was before going to Russia. (Eureka moment! Kaya pala umikot at tinuhog ang mga bansa in such an order: ASEAN, Japan, China, Middle East and Russia).

The netizen concluded her post that the foreign trips of PRRD are not stand alone activities unlike what the trending writer has published about the issue.

"Lastly, foreign trips are not stand alone activities. The writer should have done her homework (Cost-Benefit, EMV, etc). How many of the promises and agreements signed in those trips materialized or are in the pipeline. Easy to get said information but writer chose optics than facts. Sad. I hope the Duterte Administration will reposition the framing done on the foreign trips. About time you defend the Presidency well."

As to this writing, the said post has already generated 761 different reactions from netizens.

See Tiquia's post below:

Source: Facebook