Netizen shares advice to SC re: petitions for anti-martial law

A netizen shared his advice to the Supreme Court after two days of holding oral arguments over the petition of anti-martial law.

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Chito Sierra re-posted the advice of Jose Alejandrino emphasizing his support to the President Rodrigo Duterte for placing Mindanao under martial law.

According toAlejandrino, the declaration and the duty of AFP as well as the president were both stipulated in the Philippine Constitution.

"The president who is the servant of the people is carrying out his prime duty. So is the AFP and the PNP. They are protecting the people against terrorism. That is why martial law was declared by the president in Mindanao. It had the concurrence of Congress. In this fight against terrorism, the president also has the support of Trump, Putin, and Jinping. He is also supported by our ASEAN neighbors like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore who don't want to see the scourge of terrorism spread to their countries. They have said so publicly and privately," said Alejandrino.

With regards to the petition for anti-Martial Law, Alejandrino said to SC to avoid complicating the work of the president, the police, and the the armed forces for it might trigger something much bigger situation that the government can't control.

"Do not complicate the work of the president, the police, and the armed forces. If you do, you will trigger something much bigger which you cannot control. The vast majority of the people are behind the president. The AFP and the PNP will abide by their duty to the people," Alejandrino added.

The netizen concluded to leave the president alone to do his job and do not let perpetrators rule their minds.

"If you want to go against all of them, then your stupidity will be your downfall. Take my advice. Leave the president alone to do his job," he concluded.

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