Netizen shares his Martial Law experience: Everyone is being treated right

"So this is 2017 Martial Law"

Image from VOA News

A Facebook post of netizen regarding his Martial Law experience leaked online after he discussed the positive effect of it in the Mindanao Area.

Jun Dumaug shared his journey in the southern part of the Philippines where Martial Law was declared.

The netizen went to Ilagan City to visit his family using public utility bus. He noticed one thing, Martial Law imposed discpline to people.

"Everyone obligingly went down and form a line. When my time came, the soldier look into my ID and requested to remove my sun glasses. I held up my hand and the soldier frisked me well. Then they told me to proceed to the next tent which is about 5 meters away to wait for my bus. Everyone literally follow the instruction, and there's a discipline in the line where people allowed themselves to be frisked and showed voluntarily their ID," said Dumaug.

Jun added he saw that everyone was treated the same despite gender and religion.

"Everyone was treated the same, men and women, young and old, Christians and Muslims, etc. I hear no complains and there was indeed seriousness in the event. There was order and the people are well discipline in following the law. Everyone was treated alike, men and women, young and old, Christians and Muslims," he added.

Dumaug also mentioned that he reached home in Cagayan de Oro feeling safe and secured. "Then I reached Cagayan de Oro feeling safe, secured and most of all that feeling that indeed the Filipinos are capable of living in a well-disciplined and orderly system."

As to this writing, Dumaug's post has already reached 21000 different reactions and shared by 7863 facebook users.

See Dumaug's post below:

Source: Facebook