Netizen warns BBM supporters to be aware of Drilon's scheme to tilt votes from Iloilo for electoral protest

A Facebook post which talks about the new scheme of Liberal Party to block evidences for Bongbong Marcos' electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Composite image from Mejorda's profile

Manuel Mejorda, published his post earlier on June 21 pointing out that Drilon or "Porky pig"  has issued instructions to his operators to gain access to ballot boxes from Iloilo Province to destroy evidence of their massive cheating in the last elections, especially for the Vice Presidential position.

"If you want to protect your candidate, you have to make sure that this evil scheme of Porky Pig will be thwarted and allow the safe transport of the ballot boxes to the PET in Manila without being disturbed," Mejorada said.

The netizen emphasized that the vote coming from Iloilo province can tilt the balance in favor of BBM.

"Based on information I have gathered, Leni Robredo did beat BBM in Iloilo. But the cheating machinery of the LP shaved about 100,000 from BBM and added the number to Leni. Applying the "plus-minus" formula, this would put Leni and BBM on even footing at the least, or give BBM a slim margin," he added.

According to the netizen, manual recount of the paper ballots is still the most credible means to establish the massive fraud. Thus this calls for the highest vigilance.

As to this writing, Mejorada's post has already generated 769 different reactions from netizens.

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Source: Facebook