People in Davao feels more secured due to Martial Law

After 21 days since Mindanao was placed under Martial Law, the people have adjusted their way of living.

Composite image from ABS-CBN News and Rappler

In front of Davao City Hall, soldiers parked a large tank at it became an attraction. Locals consider it as a symbol of a new, more muscular approach to the country's problems.

In addition, the people take selfies together with the military men on duty with the parked tank.

One of the local students named Reynold Genoves lauded President Rodrigo Duterte for he thinks that he made the right decision.

"Martial law is what's needed. Otherwise we're in danger, Duterte is a good man. More importantly, he's a strong man," said Genoves.

Although the city is just several hours away from the war zone, people feel safe since the military and police are there to protect them.

"Martial law has given teeth to the objectives of the military and the police by emboldening them. We feel protected from any harassment from cause-oriented groups like human rights groups," said retired army Maj. Gen. Benito De Leon.

De Leon emphasized the big difference of 1972 martial Law under late President Ferdinand Marcos and the martial law today.

Tagum City Police Superintendent  also said that operationally, martial law means that officers are allowed to perform full searches at checkpoints and make arrests without civil warrants if justified by intelligence. This is intended for fighting against the terrorist.

One of the reporters who is visiting the city if he felt uncomfortable because of the martial law. "No, sir. We feel secure," answered by the reporter.