The Duterte phenomenon continues, says columnist

Despite the criticisms and opposing views against President Rodrigo Duterte, he still remains influential according to a columnist.

Babe Romualdez of Philippine Star believes that the President continues to enjoy the highest trust and confidence rating ever given by Filipinos to him despite his detractors.

According to Romualdez, Duterte's common touch and aura of sincerity  resonstes strongly with the huge number of ordinary Filipinos.

"They chose him to be their leader despite frenzied efforts of opponents  to bombard him with negative issues during the presidential campaign," Babe said.

The writer also emphasized that Duterte was able to stand strong amidst the negativities, he is still phenomenal like never before.

"All these developments siply underscore the credibility of the president's claims regarding drugs and the terrorist menace- and why he continues to be popular among majority of Filipinos," he added.

"This man is phenomenal like never before," Romualdez concluded.

Source: Philippine Star