Trillanes comments on Duterte's health state: Ang masamang damo hindi agad namamatay

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV believes that President Rodrigo Dutete will have a long time to go.

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In a news forum held at the Senate, Duterte's greatest critic said Duterte is healthy but criticized his refusal to reveal his true medical state as well  whereabouts during his five-days absence last week.

"Habang nakikita ko sya, ang presumption dyan ay sya malusog at kaya nyang gampanan ang kanyang tungkulin. Hindi ako gaano nakatutok dyan at alam nyo may kasabihan eh, yung mga masamang damo hindi agad namamatay. So I believe mahaba haba pa buhay ni Pres. Duterte," said Trillanes.

According to Trillanes, the president's health is a national concern as stipulated under the 1987 Constitution Section 12, Article VII stating in case of serious illness of the president, the public shall be informed of his state health.

Trillanes added that it should be  a national interest not because people want him to know if he's dying but it's because of what the law says.

"Kagaya nito, pumunta sya ng incognito sa byahe, sa akin eh being a President dapat eh responsible ka sa mga actions mo. Kung anong mangyari sa kanya eh mamumublema yung buong bansa. Pero yung mga ganyan eh gusto nya, yungmga ganyang story propagating na parang ordinaryo syang tao," Trillanes added.

He also emphasized that whether the public should believe Duterte's reason that he was only resting and went with his work in secret need not be made an issue.

Trillanes also criticized Duterte to be true to his words because it  has been his habit to make people guess if he's telling the truth or not.