Trillanes finally speaks on the good thing about Duterte

One of the most vociferous critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV answered questions from netizens in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit.

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Upon hearing the question if he could give a good thing  about President Duterte , the senator balked at giving a positive answer

"Good thing? He is a good propagandist," said Trillanes  after saying Duterte's first year in office is an 'epic failure'.

When the moderator asked about anything he approves the president has done, the Senator admitted he approved of Duterte's smoking ban.

"Probably his no smoking policy," he said referring to the executive order signed last month banning smoking in public places.

Despite the positive answers he said about the president, Trillanes remained critical of Duterte during the AMA session even using a lighthearted question to take a shot at the president.

Malacañang meanwhile had earlier ignored Trillanes' comments about the first year of Duterte as president.

Trillanes has been critical of Duterte even before the latter won the presidency, alleging that the former Davao City mayor owned bank accounts that contained unexplained wealth. Duterte has denied the allegations, even calling Trillanes "ignorant".

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