Trillanes remains proud of his BBC interview despite taunts

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV may have been said as the 'roasted senator' because of his controversial interview with BBC HARDtalk but for the senator it is one of the proudest moments of his life.
Image from PhilStar

The senator said in a statement that he feels privilege to be a part of a very popular difficult talk show.

“Personally, knowing the impact of the interview to the global audience and knowing now that Hardtalk is very popular yet the most difficult talk show for any guest, I can honestly say that it is one of the proudest moments in my public life,”  said Trillanes.

BBC HARDtalk's anchor Stephen Sackur observed the views of Trillanes qabout President Rodrigo Duterte and his policies were 'out of tune' and 'inharmonious' with public sentiment.

Sackur said the drug proliferation in the Philippines is not bad as it seems, the controversial senator claimed Dutterte is the one who is creating his own problems.

He has also mentioned that under Duterte's flagship, the Philippines became safer but Trillanes disagreed that Filipinos have no idea yet on the magnitude of the damage Duterte has done.

The senator, a former soldier, stressed that people who have seen the interview are entitled to their own opinions.

“It is what it is. People who watched the full interview, not the spliced one, are entitled to their own opinions. The haters will hate; the believers will believe,” he said.

Known as staunch anti-Dutere, spectators said the interview with HARDtalk was his meltdown.

“Setting aside the trolls, the critics who gave very negative feedback presume that they can do better. But we very well know that they cannot. So, we march forward,” he said argued.

Source: InquirerPhilstar