WAC on chaos in the Philippines: Focus on Leni, without the b*tch, f*ckers are nothing

Anonymous group We Are Collective (WAC) discussed on their recent expose regarding their stand about the chaos happening in the country.

The group said they support Martial Law and the trust the judgment of President Rodrigo Duterte.

On the other hand, these chaos reminded the group on how ex President Noynoy Aquino diverted attention of people during the PDAF scandal. According to them, it could also be possible for the people behind the plan for destabilization are also the people behind these chaos.

"Noynoy used it to divert attention from the scandals hounding his administration (have you read Deception 2?), so there is a possibility that they could be using the same tactics to throw us off the scent. Instead of focusing on the culprits - the narco pols, destabilizers, the thieving PDAF legislators, the drug lords - we end up talking incessantly about the "hot issues of the day," said WAC.

WAC emphasized that this is their reason why they focus so much on Vice President Leni Robredo.

They has also allegations that the LP wouldn't do these things if Bongbonb Marcos won the VP race.

"This is the reason why we focus so much on Leni. This is not driven by some sort of petty vengeance on our part but by a conscious understanding that Leni Robredo holds the key to ending all these destabilization plots. The LP and its allies (the terrorists, commies, corrupt officials, drug lords and narcopoliticians included) are beefing up their destabilization efforts because Leni stands to be President when Duterte is taken out of the equation. Without Leni to replace Digong, what good would destabilization bring them? Do you think they'd act the same way if Bongbong Marcos is our VP? Fuck no. So they're all joining forces to destabilize government now while Leni is still the VP. They're trying desperately hard as if they're on a tight deadline," WAC added.

"Without the b*tch, these f*ckers are nothing," WAC concluded.

Below is WAC's Facebook post:

Source: WAC