WATCH: Foreign journalist FEARLESSLY COVERS Marawi City siege with the Ph soldiers

A video of a foreign journalist covering the Marawi siege in between fire, bombs, and shots leaked on social media specifically on Facebook.

Image from PhilStar

Isabelle Young, HBO reporter covered the news documentary entitled 'Urban Asault' which showed the real happening inside Marawi City now that the ISI-linked group, Maute are seizing the area.

While the war is on going, Young courageously walked, ran, and hid together with the soldiers who were busy firing their guns against the Maute group.

"We’re just taking cover here because there are snipers all around the city, so even getting to the positions they need to be in is a bit of a challenge," said Young while on the run to other buidling to hide.

The video has drawn different reactions from netizens as Faebook page 'Admin Fire 3.0' said in its caption "Ito talaga ang MATAPANG na reporter from HBO International sumasama sa mga sondalo hanggang sa kaloob looban ng WAR Zone. Walang binatbat ang mga Filipino Reporters na nagre REPORT lamang from 10KM away from the war zone."

"mabuti pa itong foreigner na reporter hinde natatakot sumama sa bakbakan! mga reporter natin nasaan??andun lang sa Iligan naghihintay ng presscon ng military!abscbn,gma,atbp! nganga," said jerryson Gapor.

"I admire your dedication to your work and brave heart miss reporter fearless and tough just to give people and your viewers the recent story that you saw in your own eyes - mga reporter natin I not saying gayahin ninyo siya but you should be inspired of how dedicate she is to her profession - welll done miss reporter t c God bless," commented by Ella Adriano.

As to this writing, the said post has already generated 8000 reactions and shared by 8681 Facebook users.

Watch the video below!

Source: Facebook