Worried about fire? Read Duterte’s tip on how to survive such: Tumabi ka sa maganda

Despite all the chaos happening in the country, President Rodrigo Duterte still managed to crack a joke while talking about the tragic Resorts World attack which killed 38 people.

Facing the press in Olongapo City, the president himself shared tips on how to survive a fire.

His first advice is to get a wet hanky to cover face when trapped in a room.

“Ang usok kasi tumataas eh, papuntang itaas ‘yan. So if you are standing, you inhale. One of the ways of survivial,” Duterte said

In addition, Duterte said it is good to stay beside a beautiful woman in case of fire incident.

“The other is one just go beside a beautiful woman, you will be saved because you will be inspired to rescure her,” he said.

Thirty seven of the casualties died in the incident due to suffocation. They were trapped in rooms after the gunman named Jessie Carlos set the casino on fire last June 2.

Duterte already issued an order to the management of Resorts World Manila to explain the absence of emergency exits at its casino.

According to authority, the incident is not terrorist-related.

Source: Politics