Would you agree? Duterte and Jesse Robredo are alike, says Ex-Ateneo Dean

Are they really alike?

A statement coming from Ateneo Dean went viral after he said President Rodrigo Duterte and late DILG Chief Jess Robredo have something in common.

Former Ateneo School of Government Dean Tony La Viña said they might be different in leadership style and political affiliation but they are the same when it comes to their act of zealousness of visiting wakes of slain soldiers and killed policemen during operations.

According to La Viña, he was reminded of Jesse when he witnessed that Duterte shows up in every wake of his slain military and uniformed men.

"Only our president Duterte who was a former mayor would go to as many wakes as he is doing. You know I remember with what President Duterte is doing? Mayor Jesse Robredo," La Viña said in a forum held at the Ateneo School of Governance last June 22 as he assess Rody's first year in service a president.

The former dean has shared something Robredo talked about why he always won in elections.

"Robredo used to tell me one reason he won in all elections was because he would always attend in Naga City every wake, baptism he was invited to," he added.

Jesse was the Mayor of Naga City and was appointed as the head of DILG in 2010.

On the other hand, La Viña who still teach law subjects in several schools said Duterte's willingness to attend wakes and other happenings is the reason why people call him 'Tatay Digong'.

Source: Politics