After one year in office, Duterte says he will resign if necessary: Matanda na ako

After he marked his 365th day in office, President Rodrigo Duterte thought of stepping down from his seat.

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In his speech in Tagum City, Duterte exclaimed he will resign if it is necessary because of his age.

"And if necessary, I will resign as President. Matanda na ako. 72, I will be finished with this job 77 years old. Matanda na ako, wheelchair, dito na banda, magsalita," said Duterte.

But his audience laughed over it and took it as a joke.

"Ano pa man habulin ko sa buhay? Nothing to lose- do not fuck with me because I have nothing to lose," he added.

Speculations that he has serious illness are still fuming when he had a nearly one week absence from the public eye and he even missed his supposedly first celebration of Independence Day as president.

On the other hand, Rody kept being mum and refused to answer the allegations that he is ill. He has also said that people should not worry since Leni Robredo is there as his successor.

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