Alejano hits Duterte: The government lacks direction

After a year since President Rodrigo Duterte took office, Magdalo Party-list Representative Gary Alejano said the present administration has shown lack of a sense of organization and direction during his counter-State of the Nation Address.

Image from CNN Philippines

Alejano together with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and several minority lawmakers associated to ex-President PNoy Aquino, emphasized their adverse assessment of President Duterte's first year in office during the "So Ano Na (So What Now?" event on Sunday, July 16.

The former coup plotter against Arroyo administration and the lawmaker who filed impeachment complaint against Duterte said the government has no coordination because the ones at the top have not given directions.

“Government officials ended up explaining, interpreting, justifying, and clarifying what Duterte has been saying. People are left with the burden of guessing whether Duterte is joking or is serious about certain issues,” he said.

He also pointed out that Duterte is being divisive and his allies demonuized institutions and discredit critics of the administration.

“I hope everyone understands that there is no ill will in being critical of the administration’s policies. Criticism is not destabilization. Our opposition is not just for the sake of opposing. This is just part of a citizen’s duty to ensure the interests of the many will prevail,” Alejano said.

Alejano also highlighted national security issue wherein the President should not look at matter as purely military like war of killing is the answer to the threats.

He said Duterte had shifted the focus of the development of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to internal security to avoid suspicions on Beijing’s part.

Source: InquirerGMA News