Duterte comments on martial law criticism: I could be jailed if I didn't declare it

President Rodrigo Duterte said he might be spending years behind the bars of he did not place Mindanao under martial law due to the Marawi City crisis.

Image from CNN

In his speech before the members of the 403rd Infantry Brigade in Bukidnon, Duterte stressed he was forced by circumstance to issue Poclamation No. 216.

"We are forced to by circumstances at ako naman by Constitutional mandate, I have to do it. Otherwise, I would only be a failure as a president, I could even go to jail, for just not doing my Constitutional mandates," said Duterte.

The president added no leader would want to declare it.

"Sino ba naman may gustong ganon? And I want to end it as soon as possible. But I must be assured also na the Filipino people, and the nation is safe."

Duterte announced Mindanao is under martial law when he learned that Marawi is in chaos while he was in Russia.

"Sila ang nagsabi. The situation is critical. Sabi ko are there civilians killed. Yes. are there civilians part of the fighting or puros innocent? sir mga bata they answered," he recalled.

"So what might no be critical to the idiots of this planet it's critical to me. Namamatay na yung mga tao. So I had to declare martial law to save lives and to save the Filipino nation," he concluded.