Duterte curious where did Maute get guns

President Rodrigo Duterte instructed authorities to look into how the Maute group were able to acquire so much munitions once the war in Marawi City will be over.

Image from Philstar

The president was angered by the people who let the group entered Marawi.

“We always want our city safe for our children. That’s why I’m angry with my fellow Maranaos. I said, ‘I am angry with you. Why did you allow these sons of bitches in?,’” Mr. Duterte said in a speech in Davao del Sur on Saturday.

“They could not have [just] built that kind of ordnance [stockpile]. Until now they have a lot. [How] were they able to amass that much? This has to be looked into, maybe after the fighting,” he added.

Duterte felt a lot of guilt for sending so many soldiers to their deaths and the casualty reports made him cry.

“Every time I read [them], it’s so unsettling. Sometimes I cry, I shed a tear if the numbers are really great, because I [can] see my soldiers who have died,” he said.

The president added it's hard on his conscience and it feels heavy to think about the death of people and his soldiers.

At present, the death toll consists of 317 terrorists, 82 government troops and 39 civilians.

Duterte concluded that he is always praying that this war will end as soon as possible because he doesn't want to see people dying.

Source: PhilstarInquirer