Duterte hits EU on narcotic prob: Wala ngang makain pero shabu gusto ilibre?

President Rodrigo Duterte slammed the European Union over it's leaders' suggestion to decriminalize drugs as a solution to the narcotics problem in the country.

Image from Rappler

In his speech during the 50th Founding Anniversary of Davao del Norte, Duterte emphasized he considers EU's suggestion as an 'insult' for a poor country like the Philippines.

"Maski sinong ambassador, walang pakialam. Bunutan ta ka, huwang mo kong ma ano. Because to me, that is an insult. Why would you suggest a thing like that?" said Duterte.

He also stressed that why do they think that way where in fact there is no food for them to serve.

"Wala na nga akong pagkain para sa mahihirap. I do not even have a good answer to 'Mayor, bakit mahirap pa tayo ngayon? Ang asawa ko walang trabaho," Duterte added.

Dutere fumed that EU came up with this idea to set up clinics and give them free shabu like cocaine or heroin.
"Gusto nila ako magtayo ng mga clinics. Sabi ko p---ina . Sabi ko come here to the Philippines and sa harap ko sabihin mo. Pu---ina ka, sampalin talaga kita," he said.

The move came a couple of months after the EU Parliament, the lawmaking body of the 28-country regional bloc, adopted a resolution calling for the immediate release of Senator Leila De Lima and a probe into alleged extrajudicial killings in the country in light of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.

The administration's war on drugs has drawn criticism from human rights groups locally and even internationally.