Duterte makes fun of US during a hotel launching

President Rodrigo Duterte made fun of the United States government which used to run the Manila Army and Navy Club.

Image from Inquirer

During the Rizal Park Hotel launching, Duterte applauded the hotel's owners for the restoration work.

"The American-owned Army and Navy Club, it's now so beautiful, much may be prettier than the original one," he said.

Duterte emphasized the restoration deed shows the Filipino's common to desire to preserve our rich culture and history.

Mr. Duterte’s quip came after he called on the United States on Monday to return the Balangiga church bells that were taken by American soldiers from Samar province in 1901.

"The revival and restoration of this iconic and historical landmark are the manifestations of our common desire to promote and preserve our vibrant culture and rich history. What is very consoling is that all of the American properties are already in the hands of the Chinese. Very good," he added.

Rody also mentioned the cost of restoring the building is more expensive than putting up a new one, and the restoration of the facility shows the owner's deep respect for history.

A Filipino-Chinese business man in the person of Simon L. Paz is now the chairman of the hotel.

According to the Presidential Communications Operations Office, the hotel stands on the same spot where the Manila Army and Navy Club once stood in 1898, then the center of Manila's social life.

Source: InquirerABS-CBN