Duterte receives answer from Joma Sison: Go see a psychiatrist

The word war between President Rodrigo Duterte and Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)founding Chairman Jose Maria Sison continues as he advised the president to visit a psychiatrist.

Image from GMA News

The founding chair emphasized that Duterte is now having a sick mind using his social media account on Facebook.

“I pity him and I am tempted just to let him go because what he says against me is patently baseless and comes obviously from a sick mind,” said Sison.

"At any rate, he has to look after his mental health and consult with a professional psychiatrist. Is Duterte the kind of president and commander in chief the [Philippine government] can rely on for the factual basis of martial law which puts at risk the liberties, lives and limbs of millions of people?" he added.
Duterte and Joma have been expressing their heated expression toward each other after the peace talks between the government and the communist rebels were cancelled.

Rody alsodared Joma to kill himself and have pity to the Norwegian government because of his health condition.

"Sison, tumanda ka na lang diyan, ayaw mo pa aminin na may sakit ka. Maawa ka naman sa Norwegian government, pakamatay ka na lang," Duterte said during the ceremonial turnover of financial assistance to the families of fallen soldiers and policemen killed in Marawi City.
On the other hand, Joma also dared Rody to decipher his health condition as an aswer to him.

"First, he threatened to kill me. Now, he tells me to commit suicide. Is this another symptom of a malady in which the sick person enjoys boasting of having police units and death squads that commit extrajudicial killings with impunity and with monetary rewards per victim?" he added.

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