Duterte stands firm to destroy the people who destroy Ph

President Rodrigo Duterte stood firm in his vow to continue the war on drugs despite criticisms he receives from the local and international scene since he started it.

Image from PhilStar

Duterte in front of policement in Camp Quintin Merecido regional headquarters vowed that he will finish everything.

"It's my duty to destroy people who will destroy my country," said Duterte.

He even emphasized that not even the threats of sanctions from the European Union and United states will be able to stop the fight he is now doing.

"If they do not want ties, they want to cut trade, fine. We will survive," sad the President

Sale of assault rifles to Philippine security forces has been blocked by the US while EU threatened the government for trade sanctions.

Duterte's first year in office has been also labelled by opposition members and human rights groups as a failure, particularly in fighting drugs and on the issue of human rights violation.

Despite these, he emphasized those don't count since he does not care how peopple rate his 365 days in service as chief of the land.

"You can rate me good, very good, excellent or very poor, I don't mind," he added.

The President also dared his detractors to file more cases against him before the International Criminal Court (ICC), like Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano who earlier filed cases at the ICC over his bloody war on drugs.

Duterte said if they will file case against him, just make him sure that he will be heard saying there is no law against threatening drug criminals with death.

“If I tell the world ‘Do not destroy the young people of my country,’ for heavens’ sake, tell me what is wrong with that statement?” the President asked.

Source: InquirerThe StandardPCCO.gov.ph