Duterte threatens killers: I'll find and kill you

President Rodrigo Duterte emphasized his death threat for killers after he visited the wake of massacred family in Bulacan.

Image from Inquirer.net

In an  interview after condoling the Carlos family in which five people died, Duterte said he will kill anyone who destroys the Filipino youth.

"Basta ako, sabi ko, patayin ko. Wala naman akong sinabi may inuutusan ako. Basta pagdating ng panahon, magkita tayo, patay ka," he said.

Duterte added  no matter where these killers hide, he'll catch them.

"Alam mo, maski saan ka magtago, I will catch up with you. Maski saan ka magtago, pagka kriminal ka, mahirap ang kriminal, buhayin mo ang kriminal," said the president.

Duterte exclaimed he does not care about human rights since his job was to defend the country.

Dexter Carlos, a security guard, lost five members of his family in a brutal murder last week in which a construction worker named Carmelino Ibanez admitted his crime.

Source: CNN PhilippinesPolitics