Duterte's advice to HR advocates: Tell the killers to stop killings

President Rodrigo Duterte urged human rights advocates to extend good word to criminals instead of hitting him for the alleged extra judicial killings that recorded during his term.

Image from Open Source Investigations

Duterte gave an advice yesterday after his visit to the massacred family in Bulacan.

Facing reporters, the president emphasized that justice will not be realized if the administration will become soft to the villains.

"And there will be justice. Papaano? Well, I do not know how. Basta, ang sabi nila, patay na yung isa. So pagka ganon, there will  be many more to come," said Duterte.

He slammed the human rights advocate to begin their campaign to convince the killers to stop their unlawful doings.

"Kaya ang mga human rights should begin their campaign among the criminals and tell the criminals to stop their G$$ D$$$ Sh#! so that there will be no more killings," he added.

Rody emphasized the police and him are not foolish to kill someone who;s innocent.

"What do you think of me? If I catch you stabbing somebody there, do I have to say, I'll wait for due process? I'll just shoot you," he concluded.

Source: PoliticsPhilstar