Imee speaks on Duterte's martial law: It is different from my father

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos comments on President Rodrigo Duterte's martial law in Mindanao saying the two could not be compared since these are decades apart and based on different constitutions.

Image from PhilStar

Marcos facing journalists said the basis of the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the 1971 constitution.

“The basis of my father’s martial law was the 1971 Constitution … while President Duterte invoked the 1987 Constitution,” said Marcos.

Imee also seconded Duterte that he was right when he said he could not be compared to Marcos because they are separated by time and constitution.

The governor emphasized that both of the presidents upheld the rule of law and respect for human rights.

 “Duterte also complied with the requirement of the 1987 Constitution when he declared and extended the martial law in Mindanao until Dec. 31,” she said.

The late Marcos opted to declare Martial Lawin compliance withthe 1971 constitution instead of a revolutionary government.

Imee further mentioned her father did not declare revolutionary government as he feared he might lose control of the military, whivh might abuse itspower in the performance of duty.

Source: PhilStar