Kiko comments on Duterte's first year performance: It has two sides, not enough good stuff to cheer about

Image from PhilStar
Opposition Senator Francis 'Kiko' Pangilinan praised President Rodrigo Duterte in his first year as the chief of the land.

Pangilinan exclaimed the President made headway in addressing the dilemma of our overseas Filipino workers most especially those who are in distress situations, the expanding of anti-smoking campaign, and funding the Reproductive Health (RH) Law.

“On the economic front, he introduced his Dutertenomics which laudably does not dismiss the gains achieved in the past administration and builds on them. The massive infrastructure projects in the pipeline are worth waiting for,” Pangilinan said.

But the opposing senator pointed out that Duterte's bad side overshadowed the achievements that highlights the war ob drugs; the on going Marawi City crisis; and the billions of pesos lost due to the perenial traffic problem in the metropolis.

Kiko has also cited that more Filipinos consider themselves poor compared to the last quarter of December 2016.

“Also more Filipinos consider themselves poor compared to the last quarter of Dec. 2016 according to the SWS survey. Political harassment has cut down democratic space and dissent is not tolerated as highlighted by the detention of Sen. Leila de Lima and the continuing vilification of all critics, especially through fake news in social media,” he said.

He also stressed the next five years were paved with uncertainty going back to the promise that the president has made in his first State of the Nation Address and during the campaign period which according to Kiko remained unfulfilled.

“But it must be stressed that the future of the nation does not lie in the hands of one man but in the collective action of ordinary citizens from all walks of life. More people must come together to help chart the course of our nation away from violence, death and poverty toward respect for human life, economic prosperity and modernization,” he said.

Source: PoliticsGMA Network