READ: Duterte names who taught him to be a famous cusser

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed his uncle was the one who taught him to use bad words in order to express his anger in an intense way.

Image from Philippine Primer

In a gathering inside Malacanang Palace, Duterte apologized for his blunt cussing because he could not stop his foul mouth after learning about cursing at a young age.

"Eh hindi talagang nagmumura ako, hindi ko mapigilan. 'Yun man ang turo- hindi nanay at tatay ko,'yung tiyuhin ko sigurong gago," Duterte stressed.

The 72 year old president is a famous not only in the country but also in foreign lands after he cursed Pope Francis and former US President Barack Obama however promised to lessen this when he won the 2016 presidential election.

In October 2016 he promised to lessen his profanities after he claimed God talked to him while he was aboard going home to Davao from his official visit in Japan. Duterte said God threatened him to bring down the plane if he will not promise.

However, the president remained famous in cursing especially now that Marawi City is still a war zone.

Source: Politics