Rody slams Joma Sison: Have mercy on Norwegian gov't, kill yourself

President Rodrigo Duterte slammed Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Founder Jose Ma. Sison to commit suicide as he said the rebel leader was lying about his health state.

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Duterte claimed that the self-exiled Sison is currently suffering from colon cancer and the Norwegian government, as the third party facilitator of the peace talks, is burdened with the hospital expenses.

The 72 year old president said the ruling party in Norway is facing election defeat because the citizens are questioning the money it is spending for the Philippine communist rebel.

“Maawa ka naman sa Norwegian government. Magpakamatay ka na lang, 'tanginang 'yan,”  said Duterte.

He has also urged Sison to b admit the fact now that he's getting old.

"“Maawa ka naman sa Norwegian government. Magpakamatay ka na lang, 'tanginang 'yan. Kaya nga pinapaalis na kayo sa Norway. Alam mo 'yung Norway, 'yung partidong humahawak ng gobyerno, matatalo. Ang issue dahil sa gastos na pinatira ko kayo doon at 'yung ospital mo, wala kang bayad-bayad,” he added.

During Duterte's 2nd State of the Nation Address,he said that Joma Sison is suffering from colon cancer.

Earlier on Tuesday, Duterte expressed his regret for devoting his time and resources to talking with communists. He even joke that the NDF consultants should have been poisoned when they were served food during meetings in Malacañang.

Source: PhilStarRappler