Sison answers Duterte: You can't finish us off

Communist Party of the Philippines founder, Jose Maria Sison has a reply fro President Rodrigo Duterte saying the president is out of touch with reality when he said he can finish off the insurgency of the rebels in his six year term.

Image from PhilStar

Joma reiterated to Duterte that the armed revolution was rooted in the masses' fight for social justice, which could not be solved overnight, especially with the existing social order.

"He cannot finish off in five years an armed revolutionary movement deeply rooted among the toiling masses of workers and peasants, who are fighting for national and social liberation against the big compradors and landlords represented now by him,” said Sison in an online interview.

Sison added the revolutionary forces for the past five decades continue to grow in strength and spread nationwide despite the government's pronouncement that the communist insurgency has weakened.

“The rank-and-file of the revolutionary forces in the Philippines are highly principled and sharp to know the evil scheme of the US-Duterte regime to combine martial rule and ‘Tokhang’ methods of mass murder, and are ready to fight these effectively,” he stressed.

Source: Inquirer