The word war continues: Duterte urges Joma to come home, fight his war

Fight your war here.

Image from CNN Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte challenged Communist Party of the Philippines Founder, Jose Ma. Sison to come home  because his fighters are now dying.

Duterte during his visit to the wake of police officers ambushed by communist rebels in Negros Oriental urged Joma to show that he is truly a revolutionary leader.

“If you are truly a revolutionary leader, my God, come home and fight here. I dare you, come home and fight your war here. Kasi ako nandito. Gusto mo tayong dalawa? ” said Duterte.

The 72 year old president also questionned the ledership of Joma who stays in aother country while his men are dying.

“All these years, you are in another country. A foreign government is spending money and feeding you while your men, the NPA (New People’s Army) are dying. You are a coward. What kind of a leader is that?” he added.

Sison has been in self-exile in Netherlands since 1987 and he is now the chief political consultant of the National Democratic front of the Philippines.

Earlier in March, the CCP announded that it had already held its Second Congress to introduce amendments to the party's constitution and elect the new Central Committee and Political Bureau for a fiv-year term.

Due to the cancelled peace talks between the government and CCP, Duterte and Joma have been exchanging words to each other.

Rody has also urged the Lumands or indigenous people not ot believe in Sison.

“Yung litrato ni Sison, parang Diyos sa inyo. Maniwala kayo, sa bugok na 'yan. Magre-revolution, tapos magatago doon sa ibang lugar. Dito tayo. Umuwi ka. Ako ang magsalubong sa iyo. I really do not want to answer that old man. Come here. Earn my respect," said Duterte.

Source: PhilStarRapplerABS-CBN