VIRAL NOW: 'Duterte isn't afraid of big bad guns'

A post of netizen which talked about the beauty of President Rodrigo Duterte administration's war on illegal drugs went viral as she explained why multitude of Filipino netizens are supporting him in this what opposition calls 'human rights violation'.

Composite image from Calao's Facebook profile and GMA News

Imee Callao re-posted an article published by another netizen named Faith Cabanilla entitled 'Who's afraid of the big bad guns?' wherein the author presented the current situation of Osamis executives who are tag in illegal drugs.

The article mentioned the people who follow Duterte are blind followers and stupid, however it emphasized that these people believe in his capability on what he can do for change.

"We are fighting for our freedom from the real murderous thugs, the real fascists, the ones who shamelessly demolish our democracy and our sense of dignity as Filipinos - the criminals that have long ruled our streets and have infiltrated our local governments and have long been coddled and protected by those who are sitting fatly on their behinds while they sleep through their work when they should be serving the people," as read in the article.

The author also mentioned they chose Duterte because they want a better future for their grandchildren and they know that Duterte is the only one who can do it.

"We all know it's a tremendously long HELLISH road to rehabilitation and redemption. But we promised we will support him. We will do this because we want a better future for our children and grandchildren. We want a safer country for ourselves. And goshdarnit! Duterte was the only one who was and is willing to take the bullet for us. Literally. And that! That makes us all want to take the bullet for him. Literally," she added.

As read in the text, the author encouragedpeople that the only thing they can do for him is to believe and support all the things he is doing right now for they chose the right man to do the job as the president.

"We chose the right man. We chose the best man for the job. Pat on the back, Pilipinas. We have five more years and beyond to go. After we celebrate tonight, we roll our sleeves again tomorrow and keep pulling each other out of the dumpster we have buried ourselves in for far too long, and where a Cory Aquino incarnate intends for us to stay while she scavenges for recyclable dissimulations. The President of the Republic of the Philippines has thrown in a rope. Grab on. We might not have another chance to save ourselves after him, or we might need to wait another three decades."

As tot his writing, the said post has reached 73 different reactions and shared by 41 people.


Source: FacebookGMA Davao