WATCH: Duterte receives first year as chief rating from his children

President Rodrigo Duterte received rating from his children on his performance within his 365 days as chief of the country.

Image from Rappler

The president once shared about his 'pasang awa' ratings when he was still a student.

“I am not a guy who likes to raise myself … It’s up to people to do that. You can rate me good, very good, excellent or very poor. I don’t mind. I just do my duties," said Duterte when asked how he rates his own performance.

On the other hand, Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte-Carpio emphasized his father deserves 10 out of 10 rating.

"Well he’s doing good. He’s up to the job. And he’s looking forward. I can see his pronouncements that he’s looking forward to the implementation of his projects for the country for the next 5 years," said Carpio.

His children said they seldom see their father since he is carrying a lot of pressure as a president.

On the other hand, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte advised his father to find time to rest also.

"bigyan mo ng panahon na makapahinga ka … Marami ka namang mauutusan kung may tatrabahuin," said Paolo.

Mayor Carpio also stressed that Duterte should do one thing at a time.

"Relax lang kasi we cannot save the world. Do one thing at a time.”

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Source: Interaksyon