Alleged cheating on 2016 elections reveals by MDS' sister

Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack, the sister of late Senator and ironwoman, Miriam Defensor-Santiago confessed alleged cheating happened during the 2016 elections which caused her sister to lost her will to live.

In a photo she uploaded in social media platform Facebook, Knack gave a message to Commission on Elections Chairman, Andres Bautista.

"Bautista, gago ka! The votes of Sen. Miriam where shaved and given to mar Roxas! When she learned this, she lost her will to live! Who voted for Roxas when he was the most hated of all presidentiables? You should be jailed for graft and corruption," said in the photo uploaded by Paula.

Comelec chair Bautista became the eye of the public after his wife, Patricia Paz revealed his ill-gotten wealth.

Earlier, Knack also named Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez to be the real cheaters after what they did to the votes of her sister who has been so good to the couple.

As to his writing, Knack's post has already generated 2800 reactions from netizens.

Below is the full Facebook post of Paula Defensor Knack:

Source: Facebook