Aquino, Roxas connected with narco-generals, says Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte accused ex-President Noynoy Aqunio and former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas surrounded with generals who are deeply involved in the illegal drug trade during their term as president and secretary respectively.

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In his speech during the Bureau of internal Revenue Anniversary Celebration, Duterte mentioned the two former leaders who are allegedly connected with illegal drug trade.

"Mga generals, mga aide mo. Yung aide ni Roxas puro nasa droga, konektado," said Duterte.

Right after five days when he was seated as the President, Duterte immediately named five narcogenerals he claimed protecting drug lords that were allowed to be involved in drug trade during the term of PNoy.

The narco-generals are former National Capital Region Police Officer chief Director Joel Pagdilao, Quezon City Police District head Chief Supt. Edgardo Tinio, Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz, retired Deputy Director General Marcel Garbo; and retired chief superintendent,now elected Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot.

Loot was mentioned whose fabulous wealth has been placed under intense scrutiny.

"Number one ang bata ninyo, si General Loot, isa pa yang ulol na iyan. I mentioned his name, putang ina mo. Wag moko takut-takutin na general ka," said Duterte.

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