Blogger shares inconsistencies of Comelec Chief Bautista's statements

Former journalist and blogger, RJ Nieto also known as Thinking Pinoy published a post about Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres 'Andy' Bautista over his alleged ill-gotten wealth which went viral on social media platform Facebook.

Nieto pointed out the Bautista has manifested inconsistencies in his statements which was aired in media network, GMA.

"In a GMA report, Bautista said that he had already issued letters to the banks involved and they have already confirmed that some accounts were either "closed or they don't exist," as read in his post.

TP said Andy claimed that the accounts were closed however how did he closed those without surrendering the passbooks.

"Banks punch holes or put markings on passbooks of closed accounts. Clearly, the passbooks do not show any kind of marking that suggests the accounts were closed, so how did Andy "close" those accounts without surrendering the passbooks? Assuming that the accounts were closed without surrendering the passbooks, did Andy execute affidavits of loss for the passbooks? If he indeed executed affidavits of loss, would he be liable for perjury, as the passbooks aren't lost to begin with?"

Nieto also asked in him if these accounts he claimed already closed, where did the money go.

"Why is Tisha's name not on the property titles? And by the way, Andy said, "As I have said again, the 32 passbooks I'm not sure. It is true that our family and myself have deposits with Luzon Development Bank as to the amount I'm not sure," he quoted.

Nieto asked if Andy is just hiding these or creating alibi to get away from the controversy.

 At the end of the post, Nieto's post has reached 6500 reactions from netizens.

Below is Nieto's full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook