CHR abolition is a joke, says Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte's threat to abolish the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) which has been his constant critic on his war on illegal drugs was only a joke.

Image from Manila Standard

During the 113th Anniversary of Bureau of Internal revenue held in Quezon City, Rody explained it was made out of joke.

“I was just joking when I said I will abolish the CHR. I need Congress to do that. Those fools lectured me and told me that I cannot do that. I know,” Duterte said.

He also added he is aware that the abolition of CHR which is a constitutional body requires a legislature action.

Duterte also said he was not serious when he barred soldiers and policemen from attending investigations of the Office of the Ombudsman without his permission.

“That was an offshoot of a remark that I goaded people (to kill drug offenders)… I never said that. I said ‘criminal,’” he said.

Referring to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, Duterte pointed out his recent remark that he was goading people to kill drug offenders.

“There is no law made here or in heaven which says you cannot kill an idiot, a criminal destroying your country and your people,” the President said.

Duterte mentioned last month he was ready to face off with the investigating bodies if they intimidate the security forces.

During a press briefing after his 2nd SONA, Duterte has warned the CHR about the said matter.

Source: PhilStar