DSWD Asec Badoy cheers up Tish Bautista: Chin up, Tish

Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary and daughter of ex-Commission on Elections Commissioner Anacleto Badoy encouraged the wife of current Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista to fight and continue her battle.

Asec Lorraine Marie Badoy, using her social media account on Facebook posted an encouraging open letter dedicated for Patricia Paz also known as Tish, the one who revealed the ill gotten wealth of Comelec chair.

"Tish, how right you were in bringing this to President Duterte who, though astute political animal that he is, will not use this hydrogen bomb you gave him to destroy anyone unjustly. Justly, yes. Unjustly? No," as read in Badoy's post.

Badoy also said Tish chosen the right path which is to turn the 32 passbooks to authority.

"And you have chosen the harder more torturous path. A lot of women married to powerful assholes choose to keep their heads down for fear of the possible repercussions of going against a jerk with political, financial clout," she added.

She then encouraged Tish to be more courageous and trust the president in this situation.

"Let me tell you what I know so well because there have been times in my life when my life and the lives of my husband and children were at risk because of truths I spoke: President has your back. You will need to hold on to that courage that you clearly have. But yes, he has your back. So do all of us who no longer need the services of the most self absorbed politicos who have no understanding nor any desire to truly serve the Filipino people. Step into the light, Tish. A GRATEFUL NATION AWAITS YOU," Badoy concluded.

Below is full Facebook post of Lorraine Badoy:

Source: Facebook