DSWD Asec mocks Andres Bautista: he is accountable to these crimes

Former Commission on Elections Commissioner's daughter and Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary, Lorraine Marie T. Badoy comments on Liberal Party as a part of the alleged ill-gotten wealth issue of Comelec Chairman, Andres 'Andy' Bautista using her social media account on Facebook, August 13.

In the said post, Badoy said she used to think Cory Aquino was a saint because she is on the same league as Mother Teresa while he thought that Marcoses were the most corrupt politicians walked on earth. However this has been changed since Cory's son, Noynoy Aquino was seated as the president.

"And quite suddenly, Noynoy Aquino became president. A most flamingly horrific president. Indifferent, incompetent, lazy, shallow, heartless. I would need to thank him though. The pain of his indifference to the sector I held close to my heart—the impoverished—was blinding that I had no other choice but to wake up. Awake, I finally saw what I had, long ago, been blind to: that those I had thought decent were, in fact, obscene monsters who were no better than the Marcoses they demonized," as read in her post.

Aquino appointed Andy as Comelec Chair and now being tagged in corruption issues.

Badoy claimed that the LP trademark are obscenity garbed in Dockers, flashing an Ivy league pedigree, cloaked in decency and respectability.

She asked who were the people benefited from the COMELEC chair prostituting himself. And from here, Badoy asked how Mar Roxas lanedn 2nd place during the presidential election when in fact he was the most incompetent among the presidentiables.

"And I don’t think people lose their souls in one go but in increments. And one certainly loses it when you start believing some things are far more precious than your soul: money, power, loyalty to one party," she added.

The DSWD Asec wants to know if Andy betrayed the Filipino people and if so, he should be accountable for the crimes he has done.
"So yeah, that’s as far as my fascination for Andres Bautista the person is concerned. 99% is about Andres Bautista as COMELEC Chair and PCGG head. Such powerful positions that not accidentally are such solid positions of public trust. I want to know if he betrayed us. And if he did, how far and wide and deep did he rend the sacred garment of public trust. Andres Bautista must be made to account for these crimes," she concluded.

As to this writing, Badoy's post has already generated 2400 reactions.

Below is Lorraine Marie T. Badoy full post;

Source: Facebook